1. OG data type - Job

    Article: AN0001707Updated:

    Object for setting up a job.

    Object properties


    Name Description
    int Id Job Id.
    string Name Job name.
    string Description Job description.
    bool Enabled Indication, wheather the job is enabled.
    string Code Job code.
    DateTime? NextRun Date and time of the next planned start.
    DateTime? LastDateTimeStart Date and time of the last start.
    DateTime? LastDateTimeEnd Date and time of the last end.
    JobResultStatus? LastResultStatus Status of the last job run.
    int FrequencyType

    Type of run frequency:

    0 - daily

    1 - monthly

    2 - after ObjectGears system start

    3 - one time

    DateTime? DurationStart Date, from which the job is enabled.
    DateTime? DurationEnd Date, till which the job is enabled.

    Values of JobResultStatus


    Value Description
    0 Job was processed correctly.
    1 There was en error during the job processing.
    2 Job is going on just now.
    3 Job processing was cancelled.