1. OG data type - ImportRun

    Article: AN0001705Updated:

    This objekt represents a particular import run.

    Object Properties


    Name Description
    int ImportId Id of the import, that was started.
    DateTime DateTimeStart Date and time of the import start.
    DateTime? DateTimeEnd Date and time of the import end.
    PersonInfo Person Person that started the import. If it is NULL, import was started by ObjectGears system (e.g. job).
    string FileName Name of the import file.
    int ResultStatus

    Import result:

    0 - OK - the import was finished correctly

    2 - Error - the import ended with an error

    3 - Running - the import is running at the moment

    4 - Cancel - the import was cancelled (e.g. by a procedure)

    string ProgressMessage Progress of the import.
    bool IsFile Indication, wheather the import file is saved in the database for this import run.
    int? FileSize Size of the import file in bytes.
    int? FileRowCount Number of rows of the import file.
    int? InsertRowCount Number of records newly created in the import class.
    int? UpdateRowCount Number of records changed in the import class.
    int? DeleteRowCount Number of records deleted in the import class.
    int? DeleteBeforeRowCount Number of records deleted before the import in the import class.
    int? DeleteAfterRowCount Number of records deleted in the import class after the import.
    int? SetNullRowCount Number of records, that were not in the import, and in which at least one column was deleted/updated.
    string CountInfo Overal information about counts
    void AddProgressMessage(string message) Function adds a text into ProgressMessage, that is separated from the previous text by a new row.