1. OG data type - FromToIntervalList

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    This object is a list of objects FromToInterval.

    Object properties

    All the functions relate to the list of objects, over which the function is called. 

    Name Desription
    int IndexOf(FromToInterval item) Function finds the defined instance in the list. If it is not found, there is returned value -1.
    void Insert(int index, FromToInterval item) Method inserts a new element in the list to the defined position.
    void RemoveAt(int index) Method deletes the element according to the defined position.
    FromToInterval this[int index] Function returns an element according to the defined position.
    void Clear() Method clears the list.
    bool Contains(FromToInterval item) Function returns TRUE, if the defined instance is found in the list. Otherwise, FALSE is returned.
    int Count Function returns number of records in the list.
    bool Remove(FromToInterval item) Method removes the defined instance from the list.
    void Add(int from, int to) Method adds a new element at the end of the list.

    In order to create list of intervals, use the function Add. This function checks the range of values from and to and merges intervals in the list, if there is an overlap.