1. OG data type - DistributionGroup

    Article: AN0001684Updated: 29.03.2019

    Object DistributionGroup is used for definition of to whom notifications should be sent (users, emails, telephones).

    Object properties

    Name Description
    int Id Model Id.
    string Code Distribution group code.
    int? ModelId Id of the model, into which the distribution group belongs to.
    string Name Distribution group name.
    string DetailUrl Url for distribution group detail.
    string Description Distribution group description.
    string Emails List of details separated by comma.
    bool Enabled Indication, whether the distribution group is enabled.
    string EmailFrom Sender email.
    PersonInfoList Persons List of users.
    string Phones List of telephones separated by comma.
    bool SendAsEmail Indication, whether the notifications should be sent as email.
    bool SendAsSMS Indication, whether the notifications should be sent as SMS.

    When sender email (EmailFrom) is not provided, then email from the file web.config will be used.