1. OG data type - DataParameter

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    Object DataParameter is used for storing simple data available within a model or from the whole application.

    Object properties


    Name Description
    string Code Parameter code.
    string Value Parameter value.
    DateTime? ValueDateTime Date value of the parameter.
    int? ModelId Id of the model, in which the parameter is created.
    DataParameterType Type Parameter type.
    int? ValueInteger Integer value of the parameter.
    bool? ValueBool Boolean value of the parameter (YES/NO).
    bool GetValueBool(bool defaultValue) Function returns boolean value of the parameter. If the value is not entered, then defaultValue is returned.
    string ValueAsString Text value of the parameter regardless parameter type.
    object GetValue() Function returns parameter value in the data type of the parameter.

    Parameter type

    Type Description
    1 Text
    2 Integer
    3 Date
    4 Indication YES/NO