1. OG data type - ControlOperationUserSet

    Article: AN0001675Updated:

    This object stores instance of the button (ControlOperation, that cannot be changed, because it is  shared over the whole ObjectGears application) and provides properties for set up before display on toolbar or in the context menu.

    The object is available in scripts in the class, query or page, where you can e.g. hide the button in the event OnLoad or OnPreRender.

    Object properties

    Name Description
    ControlOperation Entity Own button instance - cannot be changed
    string Name Button name.
    bool Visible Indication for displaying / hiding the button.

    If you do not provide name of the button, than name defined on the button will be used.

    You can only hide the button by means of property Visible. Disabled property is not included in the page at all. If you want to fully control a button by means of scripts, enable it.