1. OG data type - ContentPage

    Article: AN0001671Updated:

    This object represents a page into which webparts and be inserted.


    Name Description
    int Id Page Id.
    int? ModelId Id of model, to which the page belongs.
    Model Model Model, to which the page belongs.
    string ModelPageDisplayText Text "" or model name.
    string Code Page code.
    bool HideMenu Indication, whether menu shall be hidden.
    bool HideOGTemplate Indication, whether ObjectGears appearance shall be hidden.
    string Title Page name.
    int Type Column name.
    bool ShowInDefaultMenu Indication, whether the page shall be displayed in the default menu.
    string ImageUrl Url to the page picture.
    string Script Script defined in the page.
    string InfoDescription Informatory message.
    string PageDesign HTML design of the page.
    int RefreshInSeconds Time refresh of the page in seconds. Refresh is not performed for value 0.
    int? RedirectToContentPageIdAfrerRefresh Id of the page which shall be displayed at the page refresh.
    bool Public Indication, whether the page is public.
    string PageUrl Url to the page. Useful for use in scripts.