1. ObjectGears data types

    Article: AN0001661Updated: 14.05.2023

    These data types are used by ObjectGears system for description of the metamodel as models, classes, queries, buttons etc. These types can be also used by programming scripts or extending modules.

    General types

    Data type Description
    DBTransaction Database transaction object.
    Exception Exception arising at the ru of application, script or module procedure.


    Change of attributes of ObjectGears objects has to be strictly considered. Objects describing metadata are cached in the application due to performance and are shared with requests from all the users. If you modify a property in one request from a user (e.g. in a script or module procedure), it impacts all the users. Some changes can have critical consequences. Therefore, read the information only and do not change them unless you are sure about consequences.

    Similar limitation applies also to a position of an object in the list. If you e.g. change the position of a column in the list of columns, this will impact exports, imports, dsplay of data in the form and list of data etc...

    If you want to read the list of objects and change their order in the list, copy these objects in a new list instance and sort this new list.

    An error caused by attribute change does not need to show immediatelly, but can show later on depending on use of impacted part Objectgears system.