1. Filling in form

    Article: AN0001629Updated: 16.10.2018

    By means of rules you can easily implement filling in form with data from URL. This is usable, when you need to display filled in form from another system or email with data from another system. ObjectGears system facilitates an elegant and simple integration with neighbouring system in thi way.


    Format of URL call:


    Create a rule 'Before new record detail display' in the class, that wil be applied only at the first opening of the page with the new record (put negation of IsPostback into the rule condition).


    Into the particular columns of the rule enter function UrlValue with a parameter of the variable name takenover by url call.


    The entered values can be modified by means of other functions. You can convert strings to upper or lower case, join several values into one etc.

    XXX – class Id

    variables – names of variables that will take over function UrlValue in the class rule

    values – values that you want to insert

    After calling URL detail of a new record will be opened with pre-filling in of values according to the url. The user has to save the record after that. The user have to have corresponding access rights in the class.


    See also example of use.