1. FileGenerator

    Article: AN0001624Updated:

    Object is used to support text file generation. There are functions for text replacement, templates and support of RTF and HTML.


    Name Description
    string ResultRootDirectory Root folder for generation results.
    bool ContinueOnError Indication, wheather it shall continue in case an error occurs.
    TRUE - error is logged, function ended and process continues.
    FALSE - error is logged, function returns an exception, The whole call is ended.
    bool IsError Indication, wheather an error occured during generation.
    string TemplateDirectory Folder for templates.
    FileContent GetTemplateFile(string templateName, string fileName, Encoding encoding) Returns template content. If there is no content, it returns NULL.
    int MaxSubDirectoryLevel Maximal level of subfolders: 0, 1, 2.
    bool AddNumbersSubDirectory Indication, wheather numeric folders shall be added.
    void GenerateSubRootDirectories()

    Creates folders 0-9,A-Z under root result folder.

    void DeleteAllFromRootDirectory() Method deletes everything that is in ResultRootDirectory.
    void CreateFile(string folderName, string fileName, FileContent fileContent, Encoding encoding) Function creates a new file on disk.
    void CreateFile(string folderName, string fileName, string contents, Encoding encoding) Function creates a new file on disk.
    XImageMap CreateImageMap(int rows, int columns) Function creates an image map of thegiven column and row size.