1. Documentation of objects

    Article: AN0001622Updated: 09.09.2018

    Documentation of whatever system is very important. This is a generally know fact but documentation is often not created or kept up to date. ObjectGears system can help with an automated generation of a technical documentation, which is described in this model. If you want to provide users with a User documentation for your ObjectGears application, use the functionality available at the model object.

    You can add an documentation text to all the basic objects, that is completed into a single document. This document can be printed in order new team members get familiar with it or for a quick overview of what is not documented well yet.

    Documentation of ObjectGears system objects

    On page of model there is a button  DOCUMENTATION, that displays a page for entering documentation for the given object. Documentation is not localized. Therefore use the language most used in your company. There are no restrictions regarding text that you use. You can format it in various ways.

    Generating documentation for model

    On page of model there is a button  DISPLAY DOCUMENTATION, that generates an overwhole documentation for the whole model. It contains information about model, classes, columns, pages etc.

    Generating documentation for roles

    Similarly, documentation can be also generated for all the roles in the system. Roles are not part of models but stand on the same level. Therefore, button for generating the documentation is on page .List of roles.

    Generated documentation contains only roles (name and code of the role + documentation text).