1. Column type Colour

    Article: AN0001610Updated:

    This type is used for storing values of type colour.


    Name Description
    Display Hexa code It determines, wheather a hexadecimal code of the colour will be displayed.
    Display RGB code It determines, wheather a RGB code of the colour will be displayed.
    Seznam povolených barev List of enabled colours.

    List of enabled colours

    When no enabled colour is defined, the default colour palette is displayed. If you need to enter just some colours, use RGB codes. Insert the particular colour codes in quotation marks and separate them by comma signs.


     "ff00cc", "aabbcc", "e64a19"

    User can then select in the control only specified colours.


    Default colour palette

    The default colour palette is defined in the file \Web\Scripts\jquery.colorPicker.min.js. You can set a custom control format (e.g. its width) in the file \Web\Styles\colorPicker.css. You can take avantage of this, if you want to use a palette, where particular series have different number of colours than in the example below.