1. Data administration

    Article: AN0001596Updated: 09.09.2018

    Data are stored in the ObjectGears system only in classes. All other data structures only read or modify these data. Following links in the help describe everything that relates directly to data themselves.

    Url filtr

    The page with the list of records enables to apply a filter into URL in a simple and fast way. This is suitable for several fundamental use cases. Detailed information can be found in the documenation of Url filter.


    This value identifies record in ObjectGears instance. It consist of class/query Id and  record Id in this class/query.



    Class 12, record in this class Id 45.

    When used in a script you can use function SplitFullId with the object OG.DataRow.

    Navigation in ObjectGears

    Links in ObjectGears can be opened by the left mouse click. Use the right mouse click, if you want to open the link in a new window or tab.

    Options in the context menu available under below mentioned icon respond to the left mouse click only. If you want to open an option from the context menu into a new tab, press left Control (Ctrl) and left mouse button.

    - Icon of the context menu.