1. Logical model of integration

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    ObjectGears system provides for a number of possibilities of communication from an external system towards OG or vice versa. All the ways are intended for a fast integration with your current system with the least possible impact on your systems and labour-intensity. Each communication path can be easily created or modified by means of couple of clicking or small scripting. Following text contains basic overview of all means of communication.

    From an external system to ObjectGears

    External system can perform following operations with the ObjectGears system.

    1. Reading data from ObjectGears classes or queries
    2. Inserting, updating and deleting data in ObjectGears classes
    3. Starting import into ObjectGears classes
    4. Starting export from ObjectGears classes
    5. Execution ObjectGears script
    6. Triggering ObjectGears workflow
    7. Aktivation of events in ObjectGears workflow
    8. Opening link to ObjectGears (record from class or query, opening new record with filled-in data etc.)

    From ObjectGears into external system

    ObjectGears can call external systems:

    1. Sending email
    2. Calling any .Net code in external module of ObjectGears
    3. Opening URL of an external system
    4. Calling external web service
    5. SQL command
    6. Sending SMS (ObjectGears itself does not send SMS directly, however, it suports them and can use external system that can send them)
    7. Reading data from MS Exchange mailbox