1. Configuration management

    Article: AN0001588Updated: 22.03.2020

    The objective of Configuration management process is:

    • To identify, recorc and control configuration items including their versions, properties and relations.
    • To ensure integrity of configuration items diuring their whole life cycle in order that only authorized items were used and only authorized changes of items are performed.

    Configuration items can vary in type - from service, hardware device to software and documentation.

    ObjectGears Configuration database support IT processes in model IT and keeps records of configuration items in several layers:

    Configuration management process interfaces number of other entities and processes.


    ObjectGears Configuration management records relation to configuration items at these main entities:

    • Project (project scope meaning added, modified and removed configuration items)
    • Task (affected items - subject of the task)
    • Work schedule (planned activities with stating affected items)
    • Knowledge Base (items concerned in the article in the Knowledge Base)
    • Incident, Problem and other entities of the Incident and Problem management process (items related to Incident/Problem and other entities)
    • Changes (items that are subject of changes)

    When the user displays a configuration item in ObjectGears, he/she can immediatelly see all the above stated connections.