1. Percentage value display

    Article: AN0001587Updated: 29.03.2019

    This webpart is used to display a percentage value (value in range 0-100, resp. also greater than 100). The webpart is suitable e.g. for displaying KPI indicators in a graphical form.

    Values lesser than 0 are displayed as 0. Values greator than 100 are displayed as 100.

    Data source

    The webpart enables to input a single value together with a title or a description.

    The second possibility is to define a class, in which data are stored. The webpart then reads all the undeleted data from the class and displays them in a table form in couple of columns. This mode is suitable for a transparent mass display of more values.

    When the property URL is filled in, the user can click on the chart. In this way you can display to the user more details of what the chart displays. If the chart displays e.g. number of open incidents, you can display all these incidents after clicking on the chart.


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