1. My tasks

    Article: AN0001584Updated:

    Functionality Mé úkoly enables to integrate several user work queues into a single one. The user then doesn`t need to keep an eye on several queues (pages). There is a single queue that displays all the tasks.

    The page is available under the user menu in the upper right corner of the screen (user icon). Click on the item List of tasks in the displayed menu.

    All the tasks from workflow are added to the list of tasks by the system. In order to add tasks from other classes, configure My tasks.


    1. Click on Administration / My tasks in menu.
    2. Click on button New in the toolbar.
    3. Fill in the displayed field.
      1. Category is used to distinguish tasks. It is a free text field.
      2. Model, class, columns determine from where records with tasks shall be displayed.
      3. Data selection - select only such records that correspond with unfinished tasks for current user - e.g. not deleted, not finished...

    Configuration can be performed only by Administrator.