1. Log maintenance

    Article: AN0001578Updated: 31.01.2021

    Function Log maintenance enables to define rules for automated old data deletion. The purpose is to reduce database growth that may be associated with operational problems (slow and large volume back up, slow restore).

    Set up is performed in menu Administration - System - Log maintenance. Function enables to delete old data in event log, user access log, job process execution, workflow and other logs. Furthemore, you can manage deletion of old data from the archive tables of user data (audit trail). You can set number of days in the past that should be kept for particular logs. Everything older will be deleted. The maintenance process is running no more than once a day. If the process OG.RunLogMaintenance() is executed e.g. by means of a job more often, these other calls are ignored.

    Only records referenced from other tables, that cannot be currently deleted even if they meet old data deletion rules, stay in the database.

    Results (statistics) of this process are recorded in model System utilities. Tento model zároveň eviduje počet záznamů v jednotlivých databázových tabulkách, ať datových nebo správy. Díky nim můžete dopředu odhadnout zda se bude systém zpomalovat a včas reagovat.

    Maintenance execution

    There is a job created for the sake of log maintenance, that is executed on Sunday at night. Function OG.RunLogMaintenance() is executed within job - it ensures the deletion of log records. You can plan the maintenance according to your needs or you can switch it off completely.