1. Database cleansing

    Article: AN0001568Updated:

    This functionality is used to remove tables that according to the metadata definition shall not exist in the database. Such tables and mainly foreign key relations disable class and column deletion due to foreign key dependencies.

    After starting function Database cleansing a form is displayed and check functionality is started immediately. After the check scripts for the database modification are created in three tabs. Scripts are not executed.

    The check is applied on all the tables whose name starts with DataRow. Other tables in the database are ignored. Therefore, do not name your own eventual extension tables like the ObjectGears system, but use prefixes.

    Tab Rename tables

    The first tab contains a script that was generated for renaming unnecessary tables. In case you do not want to drop the tables immediately, you can rename them in this way and keep them for some time as a back up in the database. After renaming potential stored procedures, views and external queries that refer to the given table will fail at once. When an error occures (in case you have missed some dependency), you can go back to the original table name and the functionality restored immediately.

    Tab Drop tables

    The second tab contains a script for an immediate drop of unnecessary tables. By permanent drop you take a risk of more demanding restoration if you use these tables in your scripts, queries atc.

    Tab Drop FK

    The last tab contains a script for removal of relations (foreign keys) leading to unnecessary tables.