1. Integration of custom tools into Administration tool

    Article: AN0001572Updated: 25.09.2018

    You can add buttons into the Administration tool for execution of your custom tools. Hereby, you will get a single place for an administration of ObjectGears instances. You can pass information about currently selected instance (name and connection string) to your scripts and programmes. Therefore, you do not need to manage logon to all your instances for each of your utilities. Everything is maintained in a single place without unnecessary duplicities.

    In order to add buttons it is necessary to create file Configuration.xml in the folder with Administration tool. In this file define element application for each button.
    Buttons are added behind Administration tool buttons in the form in the order in which they are defined in the configuration.
    You can see below a definition for a single button:


          Application name
          Description of my application.


    The button takes over an icon according to the executed programme or according to the Windows association.

    Parameter description 

    Name Description

    It says, when the button shall be enabled.

    All - always regardless connection selected
    ForConnected - only when a connection is selected and it is valid (database can be accessed)

    title Button name
    description Button description - it will be displayed below the button name
    filePath Complete or relative path to the executed programme

    Parameters of the executed programme - it depends on the executed programme. Admin tool provides couple of variables that you can use:
    AdminToolDirectory - folder, which contains admin tool
    ConnectionName - name of the selected connection
    ConnectionString - connection string of the selected connection
    WebDirectory - web folder
    AllConnections - list of all the connections defined in the admin tool

    Format for AllConnections:  name~connection string~webDirectory°name~connection string~webDirectory°...

    Parameters provided by admin tool have to be submitted in double parenthesis and quotations.

    Example of parameter use:

     "{{ConnectionName}}" "{{ConnectionString}}"