1. Administrator tool

    Article: AN0001565Updated: 03.10.2018

    ObjectGears system contains administrator tool for conficuration and migration operations. This tool should be used by ObjectGears Administrator only. The requires that the user has role db_owner in the ObjectGears database.

    The tool covers following functionality:

    It is not necessary to install or unistall the tool


    Administrator tool is used by administrator. It does not need any configuration and does not need to be on the same server like the web part or windows service. You just copy the files into the requested folder. The only condition for its corrected operation is available connection into the ObjectGears database.

    Tool activation

    Administrator tool is started by program Com.ObjectGears.Administration.exe. After starting and connecting to a database, a check is performed wheather tool version and database version match. If the versions do not match, you will be informed. In this case use the correct tool versions corresponding to the current installed ObjectGears system instance.

    Integration of custom tools

    You can integrate your custom tools in Administrator tool. You can find further information about the way and benefits in the article Integration of custom tools in Administrator tool.


    Administrator tool is localized into several languages (English, German, Czech). The language in which the tool will be started is taken over from Windows. However, if you wish to start it in another language, you can follow these steps (the example shows execution in English):

    1. Create a batch file Com.ObjectGears.Administration-en.bat
    2. Insert in it command  Com.ObjectGears.Administration.exe -loc en-US

    For other languages use one of these localizations:

    • cs-CZ
    • de-DE
    • en-US

    The second option to change the language is the combobox in the upper right corner of the application. The language changes immediatelly.

    The application keeps the language till the next change.