1. Workflow detail

    Article: AN0002319Updated: 07.11.2018

    There is detail of the selected workflow displayed on this page.


    Icon Description
    Return to the list of workflows.
    It leads to the page for entering a new workflow.
    Saving workflow.
    Deletion of workflow.

    Tab: Basic properties

    Section: Basic properties

    • Model - Name of the model in which the workflow is created.
    • Code - Code of workflow.
    • Name - Name of workflow.
    • Enabled - Information, wheather workflow is enabled for use.
    • Comment - Place for a note by administrator.

    Section: Audit trail informace

    Information who and when created the workflow and who and when changed the workflow the last time.

    Tab: Roles and display

    Section: Access permission

    • Enable access via web services - Information, wheather the workflow can be started via web services.

    Section: Role list

    • Role - Selection of role, to which the access right shall be assigned. Access rights can be assigned only to roles enabled for the model, into which the workflow belongs to.
    • Operation - Definition of possible activities for the selected role:
      • Display workflow - User is able to display workflow details
      • Start workflow - User is able to start the workflow. This access right is checked and required only when the workflow is started via a button or web service. If the workflow is started via script, rule or from another workflow, this access right is not required.
      • Administer workflow - User is able to administer the workflow.

    Tab: Version

    Icon Description
    New version - creation of a new workflow version
    Count WF - It adds a grid with overview of workflows in particular cases.

    Grid with workflow versions

    • Version - Number of the workflow version.
    • Number of running - Number of workflow instances of the given version, that are running at the moment.
    • Number of suspended - Number of workflow instances of the given version, that are suspended.
    • Number of finished - Number of workflow instances of the given version, that are already finished.
    • Number of cancelled - Number of workflow of the given version, that were cancelled.
    • Number of erroneous - Number of workflow instances of the given version, that finished with an error.
    • Complete - Information, wheather the workflow is complete.
    • Scheme - It leads to the scheme of the given workflow version.
    • History - It leads to the page with a log of given version.
    • Properties - It leads to the page for definition of workflow properties.
    • Copy - It creates a new workflow version as a copy of the given version.
    • Current - Information, wheather the version is current, which means that is used for start of new workflow instances. Only one version can be marked as current at a point in time.