1. Workflow scheme

    Article: AN0002318Updated: 07.11.2018

    There is scheme of the given workflow version defined on this page.


    Icon Description
    It leads to the detail of the given workflow.
    Saving changes in the definition of the scheme for the given workflow version. This function is available only for workflow versions, that were not started yet (do not have any instances) and are not marked as current (cannot be started at the given time).

    List of activities

    • Panel with activities
    • If you want to add an activity to the scheme, drag and drop the activity from the panel to the scheme.
    • Description of particular activities is here.

    Work with activities

    Activity is displayed in red if it is not correctly configured - e.g. mandatory fields are not filled in in the activity set up.

    - Outgoing workflow branch. Drag an outgoing workflow branch from this element to another element by dragging mouse from this point to subsequent element. Some elements may have more points for outgoing branches depending on the activity function. E.g. element of the Condition activity has two points - one for branch for control in case Condition is evaluated as Yes, one for branch in case of condition evaluation as No.