1. List of users

    Article: AN0002253Updated: 10.10.2022

    There is a list of users of the ObjectGears application displayed on this page.


    Icon Description
    Creation of a new user.
    Reload of the record list.
    Check of data about users.
    It leads to the log of user access. The icon is available for administrator only.
    It leads to the page with Settings of user properties visibility. This option is available, only if class extending user properties is defined (this is defined in the web.config file).

    Quick filter

    Enables to look up users according to the given value.

    Settings of the list of users

    Display active users only

    Enables to display active (not deleted) users only.

    Display only users with enabled logon into the application

    Selection of users that can logon into the application.

    Grid - list of users

    • Id - Internal identifier of the user. It leads to the user detail.
    • Account - Name of the account, that is used to login to the application and that is displayed in the system columns.
    • Alternative accounts - Alternative accounts, which user can logon with in case of Windows authentication.
    • Code - Code of the user.
    • Display name - Displayed name of the user. It should be clear enough from it which user it represents.
    • First name - First name of the user.
    • Last name - Last name of the user.
    • Email - Email of the user.
    • Logon enabled - Information wheather the user can logon into the application.
    • Red cross - Deletion of the user.