1. List of user delegations

    Article: AN0002249Updated:

    There is list of user delegations displayed on this page. The user can delegate his tasks by himself or Objectgears administrator can do that instead of him. If the user has delegation set, tasks assigned to the user can be carried out by the user or by the person that is delegated. Extent of the delegation can be limited by the activity type and model in which it shall be applied.


    Icon Description
    Definition of a new delegation.
    Reload of the list of delegations.


    • Deputized person - User instead of whom another user can work on him/her assigned tasks.
    • Deputy - User that acts as deputy - he/she can carry out tasks otherwise assigned to somebody else.
    • Valid from - Date from when the delegation is valid.
    • Valid to - Date till when the delegation is valid.
    • Delegation type - It defines other possibilities of delegation restriction.
    • Model - Model, in which the delegation is applied. If the model is not stated, the delegation is valid for all the models.