1. Mass role administration

    Article: AN0002232Updated: 07.11.2018

    There is mass role administration performed on this page.


    Icon Description
    Switches to the default page.
    Role - Leads to the page with role overview.

    Display access right for model

    Selection of the model for which access rights shall be displayed.

    TABS - Classes, Queries, Pages, Import, Export

    Select the tab according to which objects you want to administer access rights for.

    Section: Assignment of the new roles

    • Role - Select role, to which you want to assign a new access right.
    • Operation - Select operation that shall be assigned.

    Section: Role deletion

    • Button Delete roles from all the selected... - Deletes reference of the access right to the roles according to the selection in the section Filter.

    Section: Filter

    • Comboboxes for Object, Role and Operation selection - These comboboxes can be used for narrowing roles and access rights selections.

    Grid - list of objects and assignment of roles and access rights

    • There are all the combinations of objects, roles and operations in the list. There is no access right assigned to objects that do not have any role and any operation assigned.
    • If you want to delete one combination of object, role and access right, use the red cross in the right part of the grid.
    • If you want to delete more combinations of object, role and access right, mark them in the left part of the grid and click on "Delete roles from all selected..." button in the section Role deletion.
    • If you want to add new roles and operations to one or more objects, select the role and operations in the section Assigning new roles, mark the object or more objects by selecting corresponding rows and click on Add roles to all the selected... in the section Role Assignment.