1. List of imports

    Article: AN0002208Updated: 10.10.2018

    There is list of imports displayed on this page.


    Icon Description
    Creation of a new import.
    Reload of the import list.

    Settings of the record list

    Display only enabled imports

    Selection of imports that are enabled.

    Grid - list of imports

    • Id - Internal identifier of the import. Link to the import detail.
    • - Context menu with further import options.
    • Code - Code of the import
    • Name - Name of the import
    • Class - Name of the class to which it should be imported.
    • Format - Format of the import file.
    • Data source - Type of the data source.
    • Description - Description of the import.
    • Enabled - Information if the import is enabled. By clicking on Yes/No you will switch this option.
    • Red cross - Deletion of the import.