1. Error log

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    There is an overview of events incl. errors displayed on this page that occurred in the application and were logged. If more than 10 same errors occur within 5 minutes, than only first ten errors are written into the log and the other errors are recorded in cache. Number of errors in the cache are written into the log after five minutes since the last logged error at the earliest. This happens at the moment when another error/information/event is logged. Number of errors in cache is written to the last occurence of the error into the column Repeated. This behaviour is valid only for errors, not information or events.


    Quick filter

    • It is used for filtering the errors according to the date of occurrence (errors occurred at the given date or later), the user, under whom the errors occured, the page, on which they occurred and the text, that they contain.
    • You can use hyphen sign in the textbox Id to determine, which records shall be looked up. Example:

      -100   - looks up records with ID less than or equal to 100
      100-120   - looks up records with ID from 100 to 120 incl.
      100-   - looks up records with ID 100 and greater

    Settings of the list of events

    Display the column Stack Trace

    • Displayes also the column Stack Trace in the error list.

    Grid - list of events

    - Information
    - Error
    - Event (e.g. Application start)
    - Security incident

    • Id - Internal identifier of the error.
    • Date - Date and time of the error occurrence.
    • User - User that triggered the error. Click on user opens the page with user access log.
    • Page - Page on which the error occurred.
    • Event description - Description of the error that occurred.
    • Stack trace - Information from the Stack trace. It is displayed only if checkbox Display column Stack Trace is checked
    • Version - Application version at the time of the error occurrence.
    • Sent to - Email address to which the information about the error was sent.
    • Source - Source of error (reference to an ObjectGears object).
    • Module - Information about the modulu in which the error occurred.
    • Repeated - Number of errors that occured within the defined period of time.
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