1. Detailed record archive

    Article: AN0002118Updated: 06.02.2019

    There is a detailed record archive displayed on this page.


    Icon Description
    Back to the record detail.


    • Arch Id - Archived record. If it is not displayed, than the described changed relates to a record that is active.
    • Who - when - Date and time, user and data source of the data change.
    • Operation - Type of the operation, that was performed (record creation, its change or its deletion - logical or physical).
    • Column - Column, in which the change occured.
    • Original value - Original value before the change.
    • New value - New value after the change.

    Icons at columns type Text, that is displayed as HTML.

    Icon Description
    Displays the text including HTML formatting.
    Compares the text from column Original value with the text in column New value. The icon is available only if there is both the Original and the New text for the given record version (none of them is null).