1. List of master-detail relations

    Article: AN0002104Updated:

    There is list of master-detail relations in the given class. This relations are displayed in form of tabs in the record detail.


    Icon Description
    Back to the class detail.
    Creation of a new master-detail relation.
    Reload of the list of master-detail relations.

    Grid - list of master-detail relations

    • Id - Identifier of the master-detail relation. It leads to the detail of the master-detail relation.
    • Code - Master-detail relation code.
    • Column - Name of the column that keeps the master-detail relation.
    • Placement - Selection of placement of the tab with relations.
    • Bookmark name - Text that will be shown in the tab.
    • Type - Type of the relation.
    • Enabled - It defines, wheather the master-detail relation shall be displayed in the record detail.
    • Green arrows - The arrows enable to change the order of the master-detail relation in the tabs in the record detail.
    • Red cross - Deletion of the master-detail relation.