1. System configuration

    Article: AN0002020Updated: 22.12.2022

    You can set some crucial functions by system configuration. Configuration also defines security. Therefore, pay attention to it.

    Configuration of the web part and Windows service

    Both these parts share the same configuration but differ in small details. These aspects will be described in particular chapters.

    Configuration for the web part is in file web.config.

    Configuration for the Windows service is in file ObjectGearsService.exe.config.

    Confuguration of the main parameters can be done during installation by means of Installer. However, you can also modify both files also manually in order to change the system parameters.

    Common configurations

    Set connection to the database in the element connectionStrings. The configuration is standard for .NET Framework and SQL Server. Hereinafter we show one example from possible settings:

      <add name="ObjectGearsService.Properties.Settings.ConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=myserver\SQL2014;Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=OG" />

    Perform the setting of SMTP for sending emails in the element system.net / mailSettings. Configuration is standard for .NET Framework.

        <smtp deliveryMethod="Network" from="info@ocompany.com">
          <network host="og.cz" port="25" userName="user@a.cz" password="mypassword" />


    Web part and Windows service have a set of often common parameters. The table hereinafter describes them also with indication, where the parameter shall be used. 

    Name Use Description Example
    AdminLogins W S List of administrator logins. Separate particular accounts by a semicolon. account1;account2
    AssignRoleToUser W S

    Indication, wheather roles can be assigned to users in the system.

    If False is set, then roles assignment is taken over from Windows based on user membership in Active Directory Security group.



    BlindEmail W S Email, to which you want to send all the outgoing emails. Email will be sent as a blind copy. email@company.com
    BlockedFileExtensions W Define file suffixes, attachment of which should be restricted. exe,bat:*,sql:it,bak:it.change_requests, bas:easytask:it.change_requests.files
    CheckCache W S

    Indication whether cache shall be controlled.

    Set False, if you are using a single web for the given ObjectGears instance. If you are using more web servers for a single instance (web server farm), set True, in order cache update among particular webs is ensured.



    DefaultCulture W

    Default language of the application if the user is not logged on or does not have its language set.

    Use only valid language codes.




    DisplayRememberMeOnLogin W It is possible to enable display of checkbox Remember me for Forms authentication.



    EnableCreateUsers W S Indication, wheather it is enabled to create new users in the system over web interface.



    EnableLogins W Indication, wheather users can logon to the system. If False is set, nobody can logon to the system. However, the system will be still available for non-authenticated users, where this type of access is enabled.



    EnablePersonDeputies W Indication, wheather users can delegate their workflow tasks.



    EnableWebServices W Indication, wheather web services are enabled in the system.



    Environment W S Setting of environment type. This information can be utilized e.g. in scripts when certain operations may be performed e.g. only in production environment. Production
    ExtensionRepeatIntervalInMinute S Time interval, after which the function for extensions handling will be started. The value is in minutes. 5
    GroupCodeColumnClassDefId W S ID of column with group code from the class set by parameter PersonGroupClassDefId.  
    InstanceName W S Instance name. Is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. It informs users about instance, in which they are working. Provoz I.
    InstanceTypeStyle W CSS styles for formatting instance name. Separate more styles by a semicolon. background-color: yellow
    LDAP W S Access to LDAP. LDAP://OU=A,OU=CZ,OU=__something__, DC=__something__,DC=__something__
    LDAPLogin W S Account for logon to LDAP. If you do not define it, applicaton account will be used.  
    LDAPPassword W S Password for LDAP.  
    MaxFileSize W S Maximal size of a file that can be inserted into a class column. The size is in bytes. 500000
    MaxMultiChangeDataRow W Maximum number of records that can be updated at once by mass data change. 300
    MaxMultiDeleteDataRow W Maximum number of records that can be deleted at once by mass data deletion. 300
    MaxPasswordValidInDays W Maximum password validity length in days. 90
    MinEndPauseInMiliSecond S Minimal pause between two executions of a job check. 50
    MinPasswordScore W Score for new passwords defined by users. 75
    OperationPauseInMiliSecond S Pause between two checks for jobs. 50
    PersonClassDefId W S ID of class extending user properties.
    If you will not use it, set 0.
    PersonColumnClassDefId W S ID of column from class extending user properties (PersonClassDefId). This column has to be a simple Reference to user.
    If you will not use it, set 0.
    PersonGroupClassDefId W S ID of class for user groups.  
    PersonOrgStructureId W ID of organization structure. It is used for restricting searched users on page PersonSelect.aspx.  
    PersonPhoneColumnClassDefId W S ID of column from class extending user properties (PersonClassDefId).This column has to be of type Text.
    If you will not use it, set 0.
    It is used for determining phone of the user to which SMS shall be sent.
    PersonsInGroupColumnClassDefId W S ID of a column from the class for user groups. Column has to be multiple Reference to users.  
    PikloDir W S Path to a folder, where programme Piklo is located. C:\OG\Piklo\
    RepeatIntervalInMinute S Time interval after which the main function for job and workflow handling will be executed. The value is in minutes. 5
    SaveEmailToDBPauseInMilisecond S Pause between storing two emails into the database. 50
    SendErrorToEmails W S Email, to which an email with error description is sent immediately after an application error occures. In this way Administrator can be immediately notified and start solving the issue. We recommend to set this option. admin@company.com
    SessionSafety W System security level  
    SpecialConfiguration W S    
    WebUrl W S Url to the web instance. The value is used for creating texts to emails and links. http://myog.com/
    WorkflowActivityPauseInMiliSecond S Pause between processing particular activities. 50

    use: W - web, S - Windows service

    It is necessary without fail, that the configuration of the same parameters for web and Windows service is same. Otherwise, unforseen errors may occur.

    An exception is parameter PikloDir, that might be different.

    Specific configurations for the web part

    Select the authenication type in attribute mode of the element authentication in web.config. There are two possibilities:

    • Windows - for user logon by means of a domain account (single-sign-on)
    • Forms - user logon by means of a name and password

    Windows logon:

    <authentication mode="Windows">
      <forms loginUrl="~/Login.aspx" protection="All" timeout="60" path="/" requireSSL="false"/>

    Forms logon:

    <authentication mode="Forms">
      <forms loginUrl="~/Login.aspx" protection="All" timeout="60" path="/" requireSSL="false"/>

    Setting maximal size for attachments and imported files

    You can insert vrious files in the column of type File. The size of these files in limited in the basic ASP.NET configration to cca 4 MB. The same limit applies to imported files. If you need to insert large attachments or import larger files, than perform following settings in three places:

    1) configuration parameter MaxFileSize - see the table above

    2) parameter maxRequestLength in web.config. Set the value in kilobytes.

        <!-- in kilobytes -->
        <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="1048576" />

    3) parameter maxAllowedContentLength in web.config. Set the value in bytes.

            <!-- in bytes -->
            <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="1073741824" />

    Specific configurations for the Windows service

    There are none at the moment.

    Configuration of the Administrator tool

    Administrator tool does not need to be configured. It is only necessary create connection to the database at its start.

    Configuration of Piklo

    Piklo component does not need to be configured.