1. OG data type - PageSetting

    Article: AN0001737Updated: 09.11.2018

    Object enables setting of several properties for a page. It is used on pages DatasDataDetail WebContentPage.

    Object properties

    Name Description
    string BackgroundColor CSS code for page background colour. Example:   red,  #000000
    string BodyOnLoad JavaScript, that will be executed after loading the page in browser (event OnLoad).
    string PageTitle Page title.
    string PageKeyword List of keywords in the meta tag of HTML page. This tag is used by search engines.
    string PageDescription Description of the page in the meta tag of HTML page. This tag is used by search engines.

    You can define the background colour in several ways, exactly as HTML standard defined. You can find more information here:

    List of pre-defined colours:
    Various ways of definition:


    OGPageSetting.BackgroundColor = 'red';
    OGPageSetting.BydyOnLoad = 'alert("Hello word.");';
    OGPageSetting.PageTitle = 'My name of the page';
    OGPageSetting.PageKeyword = 'keyword,another keyword';
    OGPageSetting.PageDescription = 'Page description';