1. User access log

    Article: AN0002313Updated: 07.11.2018

    You can see the log of user access on this page.

    Grid - access list

    • Date - Date and time of access.
    • Account - Account, under which access was realized.
    • Page - Accessed page. In case of asynchronous callback (e.g. displaying menu or descreasing/increasing menu toolbar) page /AjCa.aspx (Asynchronous JavaScript Callback) is called.
    • Operation - Operation, that the user performed.
    • User host IP - IP address, from which the user connects.
    • User host name - Name of computer, from which user connects.
    • Response size [B] - Size of the page sent to the user.
    • Response duration [ms] - Time to create response.
    • Typ odpovědi - kategorie požadavku.