1. Distribution group detail

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    There are settings of a distribution group defined on this page.


    Icon Description
    Return to the list of distribution groups.
    Creation of a new distribution group.
    Saving changes in the distribution group.
    Deletion of the distribution group.

    Section: Basic propreties

    • Model - Name of the model in which the distribution group is defined. If the model is not selected, the distribution group can be used in all models.
    • Code - Identifier of the distribution group that is used by export and import of the model metadata between various instances of the application.
    • Name - Name of the distribution group.
    • Enabled - Information wheather it is possible to use the distribution group.
    • Send as an email - Information, if SMS should be sent.
    • Send as a SMS - Information, if email should be sent.
    • Send from - Definition of the sender email address. When not defined, email address from web.config file will be used.
    • Description - Description of the distribution group.
    • Recipients - List of user of the ObjectGears instance, that shall be members of the distribution group.
    • List of emails - List of email addresses separated by commas, that shalll be members of the distribution group.
    • List of phones - List of phone numbers separated by commas, that shall be members of the distribution group.

    Section: Audit trail

    • Created by - User that created the record (distribution group).
    • Created when - Date and time of record (distribution group) creation.
    • Changed by - User that changed whatever data in the record (distribution group) the last time.
    • Changed when - Date and time of the last change in the record (distribution group).