1. Case study: Record baseline - solution design

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    We will be assuming following in our design:

    1. We have a class with server overview (model IT, to which class machine belongs, is part of the ObjectGears free version and is available for download).
    2. We are reading regularly actual server status from our infrastructure by means of ObjectGears infrastructure solutions or with our custom solution (e.g. by means of Powershell scripts). We regularly import these data to the class with servers (menu Administration - Integration - Import).

    We will build on the above stated standard situation in the following way:

    1. We will create copy of our class machine (only structure, not data) - we will call it further machine_baseline
    2. We will create a button in the class machine, that will create a new record in the class machine_baseline and copies actual data from the class machine into it, or updates already existing record in he class machine_baseline.
    3. We will create a query that will compare current and baseline values.
    4. We will create a master-detail relation in the class machine, in which we will display this query.
    5. We will create rules in the query that will highlight values that deviates.
    6. We will create a message text that will be displayed when opening the record, if the actuals values do not match the baseline, and message that will be displayed after the successful baseline update in point 2.
    7. We will create a script in the class of servers displaying the given message.