1. Putting model System utilities into operation

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    Before you start using model System utilities, you have to carry out several steps for its first configuration.


    In order the model System utilities works appropriately Windows service has to run - it is one of steps during ObjectGears installation.

    Some data are collected by the job system_logmaintenance and by job sys_stat. These jobs have to be active and have a regular execution plan in order they can collect data. The initial setup is weekly execution by 00:00 for system_logmaintenance, resp daily at 00:00 for sys_stat.

    1. Set yourself as IT owner of the model EasyTask

    In order you can manage the model, you have to be either Administrator (setting is done in element AdminLogins in the file web.config) or IT owner of the model (setting is  done in the model: menu Administration - Models - Models, select model System utilities and set yourself in the field IT owner).

    2. Assigning access rights

    There are following roles working with model System utilities:

    Role Description
    System utilities reader Displays ObjectGears instance statistics.

    If you are taking over assignment of roles to users from Active Directory groups, make sure that respective users are also members of the respective Active Directory groups. (Active Directory group is defined in the detail of the ObjectGears role: menu Administration - Access control - Roles).

    If you define membership in roles in ObjectGears, assign the respective role to each user (menu Administration - Users - Users).