1. Version Controlled Documentation - Main entities

    Artikel: AN0002351Aktualisiert: 13.12.2018
    Die vorgegebene Sprachenversion vom Artikeltext wird angezeigt, weil es kein Text von der ausgewählten Sprache und Version gibt.

    There main objects and used roles described in the article. You can find a detailed overview in the case study for the Version Controlled Documentation.

    Used objects

    Object type Object name/code Object description
    Class Article Records of articles.
    Class Article text Records of article texts.
    Class Language List of languages.
    Class Version List of versions.
    Class Topic List of topics.
    Class Tag List of tags.
    Class Article display count Records of article display counts.
    Class Article evaluation Records of article evaluation by users.
    Class Eroneous searches Records of wrong searched url, for which no article was found.
    Page Version Controlled Documentation Universal page displaying articles, tags and search results.
    Page Editor view Page with overview for editor.
    Parameter Default language for articles Language in which article will be displayed, if there is no text in the language selected by the user.
    Parameter Default article Id of the default language that should be displayed if the article in url was not found.
    Notification grammar_check Notification sent for articles marked for grammer check.
    Notification translation Notification sent for articles marked for translation.
    Message page_title Title of the page Version Controlled Documentation.
    Query Display first Query used for search of articles. It consolidates data from several classes.
    Query Articles for follow up List of articles that require editor attention (e.g. indication of need to check article content).


    Roles ObjectGears roles Use cases
    Admin Admin Admin manages list of topics, enabled versions, languages and tags.
    Editor Editor Editor creates new articles and tags.
    Reader All users Reader searches, displays and evaluates articles