1. Windows service

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    Apart from web, there is another component of the ObjectGears system - Windows service, that ensures sending email notifications, job start, processing workflow, reading emails from mailboxes and time operations.. The service has to be installed and its automatic start up has to be ensured.


    In order to install the service follow these steps:

    1. Define folders for the new ObjectGears instance by means of Installer. After starting the installation Windows service files will be copied into its folder and the service will be configured in the file ObjectGearsService.exe.config according to the settings that you have chosen during installation. During installation you will be asked to complete Windows service installation which is described in next steps.
    2. Choose account, under which the service will run. Assign access rights Read and execute on folder, in which Windows service files are placed, to this account. The account has to have right  Logon as a service (see Local Security Policy – Local Policies – User Rights Assignments). It is necessary that this account can authenticate itself on smtp server. (For account requirements see Technical account 2.)
    3. Select in the installer, whether you want to install the service as a 32-bit or 64-bit application.
    4. Execute the file winservice-install.bat.
    5. Check in the list of Services, that service ObjectGearsService is installed.
    6. If the service runs on the same server as the database, set Automatic (Delayed start) to the service.
    7. Set logon of the service under above chosen account.
    8. Start the service.

    In case that you need to run more instances of ObjectGears system on a single server, you need to install separate Windows service for each instance. The steps of installation are similar. In order to distinguish between the services it is necessary to grant them different names - e.g. according to names of instances (e.g.: ObjectGearsService - test, ObjectGearsService - development, ObjectGearsService - customer 1, ObjectGearsService - customer 2). Keep ObjectGears at the beginning of the service name. The text for distinguishing add to the end. Define the name of the service in the installer in step: Application settings.


    In order to uninstall the service stop it first and execute the file winservice-uninstall.bat. After that you can delete the folder with files for the Windows service.

    Never delete the files before service uninstalling. If this happens, we recommend to create the files again and only after that perform uninstallation.


    Configuration file for the Windows service has the same name as the windows service including the exe suffix and has suffix config (e.g. ObjectGearsService.exe.config). It contains same configuration parameters like the web part of ObjectGears and several more specific only for the Windows service.

    Name Example Description
    RepeatIntervalInMinute 5 Time interval in minutes, in which the function for check of jobs and workflow is started.
    MinEndPauseInMiliSecond 50 Minimal pause in miliseconds between two check starts.
    OperationPauseInMiliSecond 50 Pause in miliseconds between two job checks.
    WorkflowActivityPauseInMiliSecond 50 Pause in miliseconds between processing particular workflow activities.
    WebUrl http://www.myOG.eu/ Adresa na web systému OG. Tato adrese se např. používá pro vytvoření url pro úkoly, které se zasílají v emailu.

    These parameters enable to limit the load by job and workflow processing to a shorter period of time and not to overload the database server with many queries. This enables fast response of the web part of ObjectGears system. In case you need provide more time for web requests processing, increase above mentioned values, especially parameters with Pause in their name. You can track course of processing o page History of job process start.

    Check of service operation

    If this service does not run, new workflow instances can be created, but they will not be processed. In order to simply check, if the service is running, display the page History of job process start (JobStartLogs.aspx). Each start is recorded here together with number of processed objects. If there are no records for actual time (minus number of minutes according to the above stated parameter RepeatIntervalInMinute), then the service is not running. You can find more detailed infromation why the service is not running in the Event viewer (Windows system component).