1. Project management

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    Larger organizations need to take care of process of achieving enterprise and business objectives by means of managing programmes and portfolios. ObjectGears supports these processes in model IT, when coming out from Business goals, that should be reflected in Ideas of new Projects. After assessment of these ideas and decision which of them will be realized by projects project and programme portfolios are managed within repeated decisions about allocation of resources. Projects, programmes and portfolios compete each with another for limited resources that the organization plans to give out in following years (Roadmap). These entities shall be assess from the perspective of the ratio of their filling business goals and their financial demands.

    In case of resource allocation to a particular project, requirements for particular resource types from particular projects has to be solved. Project requires particular resource types (DB admin, Unix developer, .Net developer...). Conflicts (overallocation of particular resources) or reduced resource allocation have to be identified. These issues are then solved by managers of teams and project managers together.