1. ClickMap

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    This webpart displays a big picture working as a click-on map. You can use it as a quick and clear guidepost. Create a picture of your company, where particular buildings work as links and the link will lead to a page of particular department located in the building. Another example of use is network of your branches where click navigates to the page with detail of particular branch.

    In the webpart settings you enter the picture and place (width and height) in which it shall be displayed. If the picture is actually bigger, scroll bars will be used. The last entered value are coordinates for the links. There can be more coordinates set. Enter them separatly for in a row.

    Enter particular coordinates in this format:


    Where Type is:

    • R - square surface
    • C - circular surface

    Coordinates for the type R are x1,y1,x2,y2 - x1,y1 for the upper left corner and x2,y2 for the bottom right corner.

    SoCoordinates for the type C are x,y,radius - x,y are the center coordinates.

    Value url defines, what happens after clicking on the link. Value contains operationů semicolon and object Id. List of operation codes is in the following table.

    Operation code Description
    dr-l:id Displays list of records in a class. Id is class Id.
    dr-d:id Displays detail of one record. Id is full Id of the record (class_id-record_id)
    cp:id Displays a page. Id is page Id.
    ex-l Displays list of all exports.
    ex-run:id Displays form for one export start. Id is export Id.
    ex-log:id Displays list of starts of one export. Id is export Id.
    im Displays list of all imports.
    im-run:id Displays formfor one import start. Id is import Id.
    im-log:id Displays list of starts of one import. Id is import Id.
    ds:schemaId=dataRowId Displays scheme.
    url:www_adresa Displays www address.

    Value description is displayed after moving mouse over the link.