1. Data layer

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    This layer contains entities Datasource, that represents mainly databases. Data sources are in most cases located on Database servers (DB server), that run on Servers (Machine).

    Data sources contain Tables, that are stored in Filegroups (DB Filegroup) which consist of Database files (DB File).

    Tables may represent so called Code tables (Codetable), that my be of a similar type and belong to Group of code tables (CodeTableGroup).

    There are Data entities stored in tables, that are exchanged in Interfaces. Data entity can have defined Master system/application (Application instance), that is primarily responsible for its administration. (E.g. entity Customer may be primarily administered in the CRM system.)

    Particular data sources  may accessed from more applications. This relation is captured in the entity Application instance - datasource.


    Before implementation the model should be adjusted to the particular situation and needs of each customer.



    Configuration database (CMDB) and process Configuration management are introduced also in the ObjectGears website.