1. Localization of text fields

    Artikel: AN0001797Aktualisiert: 31.10.2018
    Die vorgegebene Sprachenversion vom Artikeltext wird angezeigt, weil es kein Text von der ausgewählten Sprache und Version gibt.

     Some form fields (those that are displayed to users - e.g. name, description...) enable entering text in more languages. Such text fields have an icon for localization right to them .

    After clicking on this icon a dialog window for entering texts for particular languages is displayed. There is name of the field for which localization is being set in the window heading.


    List of languages can be set in property Localize metadata on page List of languages. Therefore select list of languages into which you want to localize user interface of ObjectGears system.

    In case there is already unsupported localization (because you have cancelled it on page List of language), the given localization is displayed on a form in the field below. Such a text will not be used for display of localized texts. If you see there unrecodnized localization, correct it before saving.


    After filling in texts for particular langages and saving the form the original text field is filled in by a text, that contains language code and text in the given language, Texts can be modified also directly in this field if the record format is not broken. However, it is more comfortable to use form, where the texts are displayed transparently and separately.

    Example of localizatio of model name for Knowledge base:

    cs-CZ::Znalostní báze~de-DE::Wissensbasis~en-US::Knowledge base

    Particular languages are separated by a sign of tilde ~. Text text is separated from the language code by two colons. 

    Above displayed form is used for entering shorter texts. Below stated form is used for a comfortable entering of long texts.

    Localization by means of a script

    Content of form fields (name, description etc.) can be performed also on the fly - by means of script and object OG.GetLocText.

    function OnAfterLoadColumns()
       OGColumns['version'].Name = OG.GetLocText('cs-CZ::český název~en-US::English name');
       OGColumns['version'].Description = OG.GetLocText('cs-CZ::český popis~en-US::English description');
       OGColumns['version'].HelpText = OG.GetLocText('cs-CZ::český help~en-US::English help');

    Lokalizace na formuláři

    Pokud používáte lokalizované sloupce a tyto sloupce použijete pro vytvoření Krátkého popisu (ShortDescription), pak je třeba i na tomto sloupci zapnout lokalizaci. Po zapnutí se bude zobrazovat lokalizovaná hodnota při výběru hodnoty ve vyhledávacím formuláři pro sloupce typu classlink.

    Pro zobrazení lokalizované hodnoty v seznamu a detailním formuláři je třeba nastavit na sloupci příznak Lokalizovaná hodnota.