1. Column type Decimal

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    This type is used for storing a decimal number.



    Name Description
    Format of display Definuje formát zobrazení hodnoty. Např. {0:N2} zobrazí číslo s dvěma desetinnými místy.
    Display summary in the list It defines, wheather there shall be a sum row beĺow the list of records.
    Display format of the Sum row It defines format of value display in the summary row.
    Link format Link format (see hereinafter).
    Default value The default value of the column filled in when creating a new record.
    Minimal value The minimal value that can be stored in the column.
    Maximal value The maximal value that can be stored in the column.
    Use as a reference It defines wheather the value of attribute shall be interpreted as html link.
    Link format It enables to define the way of link composition from the column value.
    Name of window for the link The link is opened to the same window by default, in which current page is displayed. When filling in this value, the link will be opened into another window.
    Enable opening the link in a list After setting text in the list of records will work as a link.

    Link format

    It determines, wheather values in the column will be interpreted as a whole link and its part only.

    '{#}' - value from the column represents the whole link
    'http://www.company.com/index.aspx?text={#}' - value from the column represents part of the link only

    Text {#} is replaced by the value from the column. Text outside parentheses is displayed as a text. {0:N0}% displays value from the column without decimal part and with sign of percentage.

    Value in the column is an expression. Therefore, functions like e.g. Column can be used and also values from other columns can be inserted in the link. This behaviour is suitable especially in queries, where you can create URL for navigation to another page.

    Name of window for the link

    You can use whatever text or standard names (HTML definition) as a name: 


    Name Description
    _blank new window or a new tab
    _top highest frame window
    _parent superior frame
    _self same frame