1. Instance identification

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    In case that there are more ObjectGears instances used in the organization, it is necessary to distinguish them for the user, in order that users do not mix them up and e.g. do not perform test transaction in a production environment or vice versa. Instances have different addresses, however, this does not make a clear difference.

    There are two parameters of the web.config file used for this purpose: InstanceTypeName and InstanceTypeStyle. The first one contains instance name, that will be displayed on every  ObjectGears page, the other contains the style (formatting) of this text. Instance name is displayed also in the page for logon.

    <setting name =InstanceName" serializeAs="String">



    <setting name =InstanceTypeStyle" serializeAs="String">

    <value>background-color: red;color: white</value>


    Above stated configuration shows a white writing Producton in a red field:

    If we use production and testing instance and regularly back up the production database and restore it in the test instance, we just need a clear distinction between instance names and styles in the web.config files in order the users are aware where they work. Since this configuration is out of the database, it will stay after a database update/restore unaltered.