1. Access restriction

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    Users or developers sometimes execute erroneous operation or script that cause unintended consequences. Other damages occur when users or neighbouring systems start to use these erroneous data.
    This scenario caused by a user error cannot be principally avoided. However, subsequent damages can be limited. ObjectGears contains two functionalities that are used for a fast operation restriction.

    The first functionality consists in restricting ObjectGears system user access to administrators or selected users. Restricting access to common users is a fast solution of a problem in situation when an error is identified. Users cannot work with data, however, important is  that the situation does not get worse. It is a good choice as the first quick solution after such an incident.
    ObjectGears stays available only for administrators that can identify easily what happened via web interface and then decide if the issue can be solved immediately or affected models can be switched off and the other models can be kept in operation.
    If the problem can be solved by particular users that are not administrators you can enable an explicit access to them. Inform them about the error and what needs to be done. After the error is corrected enable access to all the users.

    The other function relates to the first one but it can be used also separately. It is switching off integrations represented by exports, imports and jobs. By switching off you prevent erroneous data transfer to other systems.
    If you find an error, on integration level, then you do not need to restrict user access but you just suspend integrations. Each attempt about execution of integration import, export or job is then rejected.
    Option Integration... determines which object is considered for integrations. Checking off this property will disable its execution when integrations are disabled.

    Both functionalities are available on page MENU / Administration / System / Information about application, tab Information for users.

    There are following functions: Enable integration interface, Enable access to administrators and Enable access for users.

    The typical use is in following cases:
    1) Stopping the production instance after a sudden error in order the situation does not get worse due to user work.
    2) Stopping the production instance after a sudden error in order the situation does not get worse due to integration interface to neighbouring systems.
    3) After a production database is migrated to another environment (e.g. to test) it is necessary to disable user access and switch off integration interface in order the test instance does not call production interfaces.

    This settings can be done both by means of web interface and aministration tool - button STOP ObjectGears.