1. Connection administration

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    Administration tool can be used for administration of more ObjectGears system nstances. In order that the Administrator can easily switch between particular instances, this tool can register, store and later on easily select the connections.

    After the first start of the tool, there is only one option available in the main form: Connection administration. You can display form for entering one or more connections by this button.

    Adding new connection

    In order to add new connection follow these steps:

    1. Start the administration tool
    2. Click on button Connection administration in the main form
    3. Click on button New in the form Connection administration
    4. Fill in Name and Path *), Web folder and according to your needs check the field Default in the section Connection
    5. You can verify, wheather the path is correctl, by using button at the end of the section.
    6. Click on Save and close

    *) Copy the value from the attribute connectionString from element configuration / connectionStrings / add into Path.

    Connection is connection string into database.

    Web folder is folder where the web part of the ObjectGears system is installed.

    You can mark just one connection as Default. Such connection will be set up automatically at each tool execution.


    Data Source=__account__;Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=OG

    Connection deletion

    In order to delete an existing connection follow these steps:

    1. Start the administration tool
    2. Click on button Connection administration in the main form
    3. Click on the row with connection, that you want to delete, in the section Connection.
    4. Click on button Delete
    5. Click on Save and close

    Source XML for connection

    List of all connections is saved into a file. You select location of the file at the first connection saving.

    You can have more of these file (e.g. split by customers) and read them when needed.

    Setting of required connection

    After creating and saving the connection you can choose it in the main form. This is done by selection box in the upper part of the form. After selecting the connection all the available buttons are made accessible when the logon to database was successful.