1. Installation issues

    Artikel: AN0001946Aktualisiert: 17.04.2020

    There are described possible issues during installation and their solution.

    Installation of the web application

    Error 503


    The account does not have permission Logon as a batch job.


    Open Local Security Policy (available via Control panels). In the tree in the left panel choose Local Policies - User Rights Assignment - Logon as a batch job. Add the account under which the application pool on IIS is running or group whose member this account is.


    There is no default document set on IIS.


    Start the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager console and select Default document in the server settings (or alternatively in pool or web, where ObjectGears is running). Add Default.aspx.

    Error 404.17


    .Net Framework 4.6 or higher is installed but MS IIS does not know about it. This situation occurs when MS IIS is installed after .Net installation. In this case there are no routines of type  *.aspx in Mapping nadler routines on MS IIS server.


    In the command line switch to the folder with the .Net version that you are using in MS IIS pool (e.g. C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319) and execute command aspnet_regiis -r.


    Installation of the Windows service

    Windows service cannot be started


    The service installed but cannot be started.


    Check wheather there is configuration file ObjectGearsService.exe.config in the folder with the service. If you have renamed the service (exe file), rename also this configuration file. 

    Command line returns an error at the installation


    EXE file of the Windows service is blocked by Windows.


    Right-click on the EXE file in the folder with the service and display its Properties. There is Unblock button in the bottom part of the Common tab. Click on it, then click Apply and then OK. You can now install the Windows service.


    Web or Windows service cannot start

    Check configuration files web.config and ObjectGearsService.exe.config, whether they are a valid XML file, i.e. whether all the xml elements and attributes are correctly ended.

    Check also connectionstring in configuration files, whether it corresponds with the right database. Check also, whether application runs on IIS under account that has access into the database. If the access is ok, check tables ErrorLog (for possible error records) and PageAccessLog (if there is a record you have access to the database). The first start of the application takes some time, because ObjectGears integrity checks are performed.

    Web or Windows service run slowly and error log is filled

    Check configuration settings for SendErrorToEmails and SMTP configuration section. It is possible thata there is an error during email sending.

    After creation of the first user it is not possible to logon to the system

    Check file web.config and setting of section authentication and attribut mode, whether you authenticate well by means of domain account (mode=Windows) or name and password (mode=Forms).

    Licence error

    If there is a licence error, check whether you have correct licence file for the given server, whether you have not exceded permitted count of users in the instance (select count(*) from person) and whether the licence does not support only older versions of ObjectGears.


    In case of issues try to start the instance without the licence file (if you do not exceed 25 users in the table person). If the application runs, there issue in the licence file.