1. Installer settings

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    After the first start of installer a screen with link to documentation and language selection is displayed. All the settings can be changed later on.

    After selecting your language continue with button Next.


    Following screen summarizes steps to install new packages.

    1) Download of new packages by means of installer (button on toolbar downloads list of new available packages). At this phase only information about packages is downloded, not the packages themselves.

    2) Then you will create for each of your ObjectGears system instances (production, test, development...) a record in the list of instances in the installer. This will be performed only once.

    3) You will select required packages in the list of packages (see point 1) and download it.

    4) The last step is installation of the package to the selected instance.


    Many packages are available freely but some may be intended just for you. By entering your customer ID (you will find it in the purchase contract or email communication with your vendor for ObjectGears software) also packages intended just for you will be downloaded.

    You can fill in your customer ID now or later on in Settings.


    If you want to be informed about new versions of ObjectGears system fill in this email. Communication sent to it will not contain any marketing information and will be helpful for users taking care of ObjectGears system installation.

    You can change this email later on in Settings.


    All the downloaded files that are necessary for installations are stored in the Global disk storage. Use network storage if possible, which will be accessible from all the servers where you want to install ObjectGears system.

    You can change the storage later on in Settings.


    By clicking on Next button first download of information about packages will start.


    First start of the installer is done now. You will be switched to the standard installer window after clicking on Next button.