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Detail of skript for execution

Settings of the script for execution.


Icon Description
Return to the list of scripts.
Creation of a new script.
Saving changes in the script.
Deletion of the script.

TAB - Basic properties

Section: Basic properties

  • Model - Name of model, in which the script is defined
  • Code - Identifier of the script used when exporting and importing model metadata between various application instances
  • Enabled - Information whether the script is enabled for execution
  • Integration script - Information whether the script is used for integrations and its execution is conditioned by enabling integrations on ObjectGears instance level
  • Execution on HTTP request enabled - Informaction whether the script can be executed via http request
  • Execution on web service call enabled - Informaction whether the script can be executed via web service call
  • Url for Http request - Url, call of which causes script execution
  • Note - Note to the script
  • Script - Script text

Section: Audit information

  • Created by - User that created the record (script).
  • Created when - Date and time of record (script) creation.
  • Changed by - User that changed whatever data in the record (script) the last time.
  • Changed when - Date and time of the last change in the record (script).

TAB - Roles and display

Section: List of roles

  • Role - Selection of the role for access right assignment
  • Operation - Possible activities for the selected role.
    • Execution - User is authorized to execute the script.
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