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Notification detail

There are notification settings defined on this page.


Icon Description
Return to the list of notifications.
Creation of a new notification.
Saving changes in the notification.
Notification deletion.

Section: Basic properties

  • Model - Name of the model in which the notification is defined.
  • Code - Identifier of the notification that is used by export and import of the model metadata between various instances of the application. You can create more notifications with the same code differing in the language settings (see Language).
  • Language - Identifier of the language version of the notification. In order that the notification can be used in the application, there has to exist one record of the notification without language defined. Further, it is possible to create for each language in the application a special version of the notification (same code but different language). When sending notifications application will find out, if the user has defined a language for sending notifications, and if a version of the notification exists in this language. If so, a language version will be sent. If not, a default version without language defined will be sent to the user.
  • Enabled - Defines, wheather the notification is enabled.
  • Priority - It defines priority of the e-mail message.
  • Send in HTML format - It defines, wheather the message shall be sent in html format. If this option is not checked, it is sent as a plain text.
  • Subject - Text that will be put in the subject of the notification (e-mail).
  • Body - Text that will be put in the body of the notification (e-mail).
  • Description - Description of the notification.

Section: Audit trail 

  • Created by - User that created the record (notification).
  • Created when - Date and time of record (notification) creation.
  • Changed by - User that changed whatever data in the record (notification) the last time.
  • Changed when - Date and time of the last change in the record (notification).

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